Gofers help entrepreneurs and businesses delegate any office task.


Most companies have a filing system, but most companies also put off filing when there are more important things to do. BizGofer can help you create a new system, organize a current one, or just simply put files away for you.

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Office Organization

Organizing is not just about being clean, it’s also about finding what you need, when you need it. BizGofer can create a well-organized office for cleanliness, convenience, comfort, and a professional image.

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Answer Phones

Sometimes all you need is someone to simply answer the phones. Being short on staff can lead to phones not being answered. BizGofer can arrange to have the phone answered and take messages instead of sending customers to voicemail.

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Run Errands

BizGofer has providers who are available to run business errands, but also provided as a service for employee personal errands. Simple pickups, drop-offs, and purchases can be done for you and/or your staff.

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Do you just need to order something? Have BizGofer order supplies, food for a special event, or even other outsourced services. Get help simply getting things aligned and purchased.

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Email Organizing

Email inbox ZERO! A well-organized email system should allow you to have an empty email inbox fairly often. BizGofer can help you create a better organizing system or help you actually get emails into an organized system and help you get to that ZERO inbox.

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The Sky is The Limit

There are hundreds or even thousands of administrative tasks that could potentially need to be done. The sky is the limit on the requests you can make to us. BizGofer and our robust network of providers can help with any business task or project.

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Office Work, Done!


Need an Administrative task done? Start by chatting with a Business Assistant here on the website for quick and easy communication about the details of your task.


The Business Assistant will take your request and details and communicate with our vast network of local & national Gofers to find what services, times, and locations can fit your task the best.


The Business Assistant will communicate with various resources on behalf of your task(s). You will be presented with a customized set of options and pricing.


Once you have selected your option, provider(s) will start working on your task. You can keep updated on the status of the task within “My Account“. Your Business Assistant can also assist with task updates.