Become a BizGofer Provider.

Gain leads for your business or earn extra money as a freelancer.

Get paid by helping our virtual assistant clients fulfill tasks on demand.

Whether you’re a part-time freelancer or a full blown business, working with BizGofer can make you extra money. 

Whatever your skill set or level, becoming a provider with BizGofer can deliver regular ongoing work – as much or as little as you like.

We do not make our clients seek bids or search through listings. We review every task individually and place the best provider on the job.

We do not accept every provider who applies to BizGofer – but if you’re accepted you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Guaranteed, fixed pay rates
  • No bidding or writing proposals
  • No overseas competition (U.S. only)
  • Regular ongoing work from clients you know and trust

When you apply, here’s what will happen next:

  • We’ll verify your identity, work history and background
  • We’ll interview you and ask to see examples of your work
  • We’ll ask you questions to evaluate your skill level

Why Work With BizGofer?

Set own pay & schedule

You set your own pay rate and schedule to work tasks when you want.

Get paid weekly

We initiate a direct deposit, for any tasks worked, every week.

Great training & support

We provide regular operations & marketing training.

How it Works

  • BizGofer notifies you of potential tasks

  • Accept or deny tasks

  • Confirm details with a virtual assistant

  • Complete the task

  • Mark task as complete

  • Get paid!

Get Started

Apply Online

Complete the registration form and check your email for more information and questions.

Get Qualified

After you complete your application, we will work on reviewing your skills and references.

Start Working

Complete the on-boarding process, get your BizGofer provider account, and accept your first task

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