BizGofer is a Virtual Assistant service created to help entrepreneurs and their businesses easily request tasks to be performed by a network of qualified freelance workers, known as Gofers.

Our user-friendly mobile and desktop assistant and services platform make browsing services, requesting tasks, and paying for work easier than ever.

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The actual definition of a Gofer is someone who runs errands. However, our Gofers are much more skilled. We hire freelance workers who can perform a wide range of business and office tasks in categories of administration, marketing, financial, and technology.

Our Gofers can basically do any task you may need.

Gofers are aligned by our Virtual Assistants who are accessible by our website and mobile Apple app.

Outsourcing can be a real pain. At BizGofer, we take as much pain and risk out of outsourcing as we can. Seeking bids, sifting through all kinds of options and quotes, and not truly knowing what your getting can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Hiring an employee is not always a good option either, especially for only small tasks, one time tasks, and small projects.

At BizGofer, you chat with a single Virtual Assistant who will arrange one or more freelancers to get your request done. We go through the more tedious tasks of finding, hiring, and training workers to allow our business customers to simply make a request and feel confident that the task will be done quickly and professionally. No overhead cost. No insurance cost. No HR worries.

Using BizGofer is as easy as sending a few texts to get the task details cleared, receiving pricing, making payment, and collaborating with the assistant until your request is complete. We do this all with our 100% money back guarantee. 

It is very possible that you meet one of our Virtual Assistants. Our team of assistants are made up of local based Virtual Assistant Agency owners.

A Virtual Assistants job is mainly to communicate with clients to align resources, so they don’t run around much. However, you may run into a Virtual Assistant at a local business networking event or holding an entrepreneur workshop.

Also, Virtual Assistants do not perform any tasks associated with requests, so you will not see them for local in-person tasks.

For Businesses

This question is a little complex so bear with us on this answer. But, we also think we understand what you mean.

First of all, hiring any service outside of your own business is considered outsourcing. So the short answer to the first part of the question is, yes, you are outsourcing.

Our Virtual Assistant is a US based worker. Chatting with the assistant is free, so you are not really outsourcing a service by only chatting. We do provide an Elite Membership which allows customers to use a dedicated Virtual Assistant. Purchasing this service would be considered outsourcing, and you would be outsourcing the service to one of our US based assistants.

When purchasing a service request through a Virtual Assistant, you are outsourcing to BizGofer which is a US based company. However, we have developed a worldwide network of resource partners, aka Gofers, to help us fulfill our tasks. We select Gofers based on the skills needed to perform a task as well as our customers’ location if that factor needs to be considered. Our skilled resources are global.

If your task needs to be handled in-person, we will work to find a local resource for fulfillment. If your task can be handled virtually, a worker from outside of your local area is highly likely, which could likely be from someone outside of the US. We will decide who works on your project based on your request, the specific skills needed, and timeframes.

At the end of the day, you are hiring BizGofer, a US based company. But, we do utilize many non-US based resources.

When a standard customer starts a chat within BizGofer, they are automatically paired with the next available Virtual Assistant. Often, you may even be paired with an assistant near you.

If you want a dedicated Virtual Assistant, you can. By becoming an Elite Member, you have the ability to work with a single individual for all of your chatting and requests. Our Elite Membership allows our customers to get an enhanced experience by building a long-term working relationship.

With the Elite Membership, you are given a direct line and email address of your dedicated Virtual Assistant. If your Virtual Assistant is not available for a chat, you can send them an email or chat with the next available assistant. As soon as you can be diverted back to your dedicated assistant, you will be.

Ultimately, yes, but designating specific individuals to work on your task is not our priority. Our priority is getting tasks done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. We typically choose the best Gofer, or group of Gofers, to get the job done. Also, being that our providers are freelancers, they determine when to work, and on what. They simply may not be available or open to working on your task.

Most of our customers actually never know who works on their tasks. Our Virtual Assistants are the only individuals you will speak with. Unless your task requires an in-person service, then you will see and get to know the Gofer directly.

If you want to try to work with a specific individual (especially if your request is for a local task/project), when chatting with the Virtual Assistant, just let them know who you would like to work with.

Yes! We want you to buy with confidence when you purchase a service task from BizGofer. We guarantee quality when purchasing a task from BizGofer and offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If a task was not completed according to the final agreed scope through the BizGofer system, or if your property was damaged as a direct result of the task service, we’ll work with you to make it right, or we’ll give you your money back.

BizGofer will make it right in one of these three ways

1) Work with our Business Assistant to correct the service.
2) Refund your money for the purchase, and cover related property damages up to $2,500.
3) Help you to file an insurance claim.

The BizGofer app is FREE. The cost of chatting with a general Business Assistant and making requests on BizGofer is also FREE. There is a “BizGofer Elite” Business Assistant upgrade service.

When it comes to the tasks performed, either the Business Assistant will give you options and pricing, or you can browse through our services on the website for pricing ideas. We strive to be as transparent as possible with our pricing.

Our pricing includes 3 major factors.

  1. Skill Type – Each request will need a specific set of skills. The level and value of the skill sets the majority of the price.
  2. Urgency – Rush fees are placed on tasks needing to be done within 24 hours. 24hr turnaround fee = $40. 12hr turnaround fee = $60
  3. BizGofer Elite – Get access to the same business assistant along with active account management. The price is $199/mth

All request pricing is determined and agreed upon before the Business Assistant begins delegating tasks to our Gofer network.

Most of the requests made can be performed remotely, and no one has to go to your office. We actually prefer remote work at every chance possible.

However, if the task is physical or the task requires handling at your office, we will align a local Gofer to handle the work.

Not necessarily, but you can. You’re more than welcome to carry on with your normal work, errands, or anything else you need to do while your Gofer completes your task.

We can usually start on your task within 24 hours. The standard timeframe is to start the task the next business day. If you need a rushed service, we can work on arranging the proper resources based on availability.

That really all depends on the task given. Most tasks can be done in 1-3 hours. The estimated timeframe will be given to you when placing your order.

All payments are processed within the app via a credit/debit card. After discussing your request with the BizGofer Business Assistant, you will be presented with a product to make the purchase of the service.

Short. No cash. Elite members have the option to pay by check.

We do not accept cash at all. The standard payment method is debt/credit card before the requested task begins.

Elite Members may request to be invoiced with all requests(with net 30 payment terms), one time at the end of the month, with the option to pay by check. However, we must have a card payment method on file. If we do not receive a check payment within the 30 days, we will charge the card on file.

For Gofers/Freelancers

First of all, we are very happy that you are even considering becoming a Gofer.

The first thing you need to do is fill out our registration form on the Become a Gofer page. This will start the process.

Once we receive your registration form, we will send you some additional information and start the qualification process.

The qualification process includes various questions and a way for us to prove your skills.

After our review, we will bring you through the onboarding process by filling out contractor documents online.

Then, BAM! You’re a Gofer!

No. You will be an independent contractor. That means you have the flexibility to work how, when, and where you want to. You set your own schedule, your own pay rate, and accept or deny tasks as you please.

Your task earnings accumulate for 1 week, and then you are paid for that 1 week. Payments are processed through our online vendor platform which uses Stripe. Stripe allows providers to receive payments via direct deposit.