Gofers can help setup, troubleshoot, and manage your technology.

Software & Cloud

A technology Gofer can help you setup desktop software or cloud-based technology services. Maybe you just need help converting from a desktop application to cloud applications.

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Convert Files

Why don’t some files open or work right on your computer? Or why can’t you upload a file you have? Many times it’s because it’s the wrong file type. A Gofer can quickly convert files for you.

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Website Updating & Fixes

Websites need to be updated and sometimes “fixed”. A website Gofer can make basic changes to your website or work with your business to provide continued management and support.

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Code & Programming

Programming languages are foreign to most. A computer science Gofer can assist with sifting through code, making changes, or even program a function. Get programming help from a specially trained Gofer.

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IT Troubleshooting

A technology Gofer can help you diagnose and fix various hardware and software problems. Sometimes things just don’t work and you need help with a quick fix.

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User Testing

Testing technology can be a tedious process. From website usability to phone systems, a technology skilled Gofer can assist with running tests before getting into your users or employees hands.

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The Sky is the Limit

There are hundreds or even thousands of technology tasks that could potentially need to be done. The sky is the limit on the requests you can make to us. Our robust network of business assistant Gofers can help with any technology task or project.

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Technology, Done!


Need a tech task done? Start by chatting with a Virtual Assistant here on the website for quick and easy communication about the details of your task.


The Business Assistant will take your request and details and communicate with our vast network of local & national providers to find what services, times, and locations can fit your task the best.


The Business Assistant will communicate with various resources on behalf of your task(s). You will be presented with a customized set of options and pricing.


Once you have selected your option, provider(s) will start working on your task. You can keep updated on the status of the task within “My Account“. Your Business Assistant can also assist with task updates.