BizGofer Elite Details

First off, we never recommend our Business Assistant service if we don’t think you’re a great fit. To guarantee compatibility, we provide first time customers with a 1 week free trial before billing – giving the opportunity to try BizGofer Elite risk-free.

Elite Membership Clients Get:

  • First week FREE
  • Dedicated Business Assistant
  • Unlimited communication access
  • Free On Demand task requests
  • 1 Task review session per week
  • 1 Goal/Plan review session per month

BizGofer Elite Full Details

1) Dedicated Business Assistant – You are given a Business Assistant who will be responsible for working with you. This person is your main point of contact with BizGofer. You don’t have to worry about always talking to someone different.

2) Unlimited Communication – You will have multiple communication channels with your assistant. Don’t worry about counting time or specific sessions. Our goal is to work with you like we are a partner in your business and therefore you can communicate as needed.

3) Initial Goal Setting & Strategy – We want to hear ALL of your goals and plans. You will brainstorm and create a list of everything you want to do get done now and in the future. Once you have your list, we prioritize it into 3 month, 1 year, 2-3 year, and 4+ year goals. Then we collaborate on strategies for your shorter term goals.

4) Prioritize Tasks – We put our Elite members ahead of everyone else. As an Elite member, your requests are a priority. You get Priority over using any designated Gofer as well.

5) Weekly Task Review – Once your Task List and strategies are in place, your Business Assistant will be proactive and follow up with you at least once per week. If you don’t reach out first, you will be contacted to check-up on your progress towards accomplishing tasks on your list.

6) Monthly Goals Review – Every month you will meet with your Business Assistant to go over your overall goals. You can re-prioritize, change, take away, and add to your Task List at this time.


Can I cancel at any time? Yes. You have full control of your membership subscription. If you cancel in the middle of a month, contact us for a prorated refund.

I have never done goal planning for my business. Do you provide goal setting and planning training? Absolutely! Our number one goal is to ensure that our small business customers know how to set a very actionable goal. Before setting your first goal, you will learn the process.

If I leave the service, can I export my information? Yes. You own the information created within our system. Just talk to your Business Assistant and they will help you retrieve your goals, tasks, and documents.

Will you do tasks in my to-do list for me? Not really. Our membership is based on a strict verbal assistant service. However, we can arrange services for your various tasks such as introductions, schedule events, purchase services, make calls, research, or do any other task that is a part of your goals.